PHOTO ESSAY: I’m Natural and Protected Just Like My Hair


By Aryanna Russell

Social media has started a trend that is sweeping across the screens of black women and girls. The Natural Hair Movement. Black women no longer feel that they must conform to eurocentric standard of beauty in order to be worthy.

They are no longer frying their gorgeous locks nor are they lathering them in harmful chemicals. Black women and girls are choosing to represent their people’s rich history through styles like braids, twists, and a loose afro. Throughout the photo essay you’ll notice vibrant colors and florals that bring out the traditional african hairstyles, but they also represent the feelings of freshness, purity, naturality, and strength of going natural.

The purpose of this photo essay is not shame women and girls who straighten their hair, but show to them how it looks and feels to be natural and protected just like your hair.